Rapper will.i.am is showing off his innovative side by contributing a futuristic artwork to a new exhibition in London.

The Black Eyed Peas star has teamed up with artist Yuri Suzuki to create a piece for the Digital Revolution show at the Barbican centre. The Pyramidi is comprised of three instruments, a piano, drum and guitar, which are played by a robotic machine which can be programmed with a tune.

The musician explains, "If you're a programmer and you're programming your drum beat on... some software on your computer, for it to be played back on a drum kit, the drummer would have to play it back... Here whatever you program, the machine will play it back, just as loud and just as real as a drummer would play it... Whatever a piano player did in 1940, you can play it back... These pieces of equipment bring forth a new form of music."

The show, which runs at the Barbican from 3 July (14) until 14 September (14), focuses on creativity in the digital age and also features a piece by Bjork and the special effects experts behind hit sci-fi film Gravity.