WILEY has mysteriously failed to turn up HOT CHIP gigs where he was due to join the band onstage.

The Wearing My Rolex star was supposed to perform as a guest with the electro band as they finished their UK tour, but seems to have disappeared.

Speaking before their gig at Brixton Academy, Al Doyle told 6 Music that he would like to be able to clear up the mystery, but that he has "about as much information on that as anybody else".

"He didn’t make it down to the show in Manchester and we waited around for a while, we thought he might turn up. The last contact we had was a blank text message so it's a bit of an information desert to be honest," he said.

He added that WILEY chose not to show for reasons best known to himself, but that "it was his decision and we respect that".

Doyle said the no show had baffled the entire band, adding that it was "like some sort of religious experience".

10/11/2008 11:01:38