WILDHEARTS singer GINGER vows to shave his trademark dreadlocks to raise money for a new charity he has set up to help mental health sufferers.

The rocker - real name DAVID WELLS - also wants his gesture to raise awareness of the cause, called Circle of Friends.

He says, "It's such a taboo subject. Men will complain about anything but they won't go and get their head checked. It's really to remove the stigma and educate people. People don't know who to go to.

"They go to the doctor and he prescribes them Prozac or Paxil or whatever the new wonder drug is... they give people a drug habit when what they really need is counselling,

"All we really want from people is a show of faith. We want to put money into counselling and crisis and response teams in the community."

Ginger is also about to embark on a UK tour with side band SONIC CIRCUS.