Popular children's group THE WIGGLES returned to Australia on Saturday (16DEC06), where they introduced the new Yellow Wiggle SAM MORAN to their hometown audience. Even though they received a rapturous reception from thousands of young children at the Sydney Entertainment Centre, many members of the audience were desperately missing GREG PAGE, who had to leave the group because of a medical condition. Mother SASHA RUPASINGHEARACHCHIG told the Sydney Morning Herald that her son SUNAL, three, was pining to see Page again saying, "It's very sad, he misses him. He loved Greg. "If he recovers or comes back, we'd be very happy to see it." The Wiggles concert started with a video message from Page, which signalled his final and official handover to Moran. He passed on the yellow turtleneck in the video presentation saying, "Personally, I want to thank everybody for their messages of support in the time that I've been unwell, most of all I want to thank my family for standing by me during this difficult time." Moran, who was warmly introduced onstage by the remaining members of the Wiggles, ANTHONY FIELD, MURRAY COOK and JEFF FATT, said returning to Sydney was especially significant saying, "To be home in Sydney, to be doing shows here, we've been looking forward to it." Moran said he was slowly adjusting to his new uniform adding, "I'm not sure if yellow is anybody's colour!"