US rockers WHITE DENIM have been discussing the follow-up to their recent debut album.

The Texan outfit released their first European record WORKOUT HOLIDAY earlier this year and have just completed a sold-out tour of the UK.

The first record was a critical success, garnering four and five-star reviews from the likes of Uncut and The Times.

On the subject of the follow-up, drummer and producer, Josh Block, said the band are confident it is the best thing they have recorded to date.

"I'm really happy about it but I don't wanna get too excited about it because I could go to mix and think, 'Oh, there's some stinkers, we need to redo it.' Hopefully not," he said.

He added that he is keen to recruit some guest artists for the album, claiming that his dream collaborators would be JOHN CALE or ROBERT WYATT.

The band have just released EXPLOSION in the US – which is a re-shuffled version of WORKOUT HOLIDAY.

27/11/2008 11:24:49