An online crowdsourcing campaign to fund a planned sequel to children's classic Where The Wild Things Are has been shut down after publishers for late author Maurice Sendak objected to the book.

British illustrators Geoffrey O. Todd and Rich Berner launched a bid on to raise $38,750 (£25,000) for their project, Back to the Wild, which would pick up the story where Sendak left off and be dedicated to his memory.

However, the effort was pulled by Kickstarter bosses after they received a legal notice from HarperCollins executives alerting them to the violation of the estate executors' right to create related works.

Sendak, who died last year (12), famously refused to pen a sequel to the hit picture book and previously stated, "People said, 'Why didn't you do Wild Things 2? Wild Things 1 was such a success'. Go to hell. Go to hell. I'm not a whore. I don't do those things."

The popular book was adapted for a 2009 live-action movie by director Spike Jonze.