Recent episodes of Lost, Heroes and Prison Break that were once easily accessed via the Mininova BitTorrent index can no longer be found since Mininova, one of the largest BitTorrent indexers, agreed to test a copyright filter that enables copyright holders "to easily remove and ban torrents from the site, reported Monday. The disappearance of the shows, some of the most popular on BitTorrent sites, coincides with Mininova's experimentation with a content removal tool that some analysts had predicted would not work. TorrentFreak said that now anyone trying to upload the shows -- and others -- receive a message reading, "Your torrent has been uploaded successfully. It will not appear immediately on the site, as the content will be downloaded first by a third party to check for infringing content. If the content is found to be non-infringing, the torrent will be posted on the site right away."