Scream 2 horror producer Marianne Maddalena is allegedly living her own nightmare after accusing her ex-boyfriend of stalking and impersonating her online.

Wes Craven's longtime business partner claims Derrick John Toole, a former convicted felon, intercepted her emails and texts after installing spyware on her computer in 2009 to gain access to her personal information and financial records.

Maddalena also alleges he impersonated her and sent damaging messages to her friends and clients, and installed a tracking device on her car to monitor her movements, prompting Fbi agents to investigate his actions.

The general contractor, who is currently on probation, pleaded guilty to illegal wiretapping and computer access and fraud in November (12), and now the producer has taken legal action against Toole in a lawsuit filed in California on Friday (05Jul13).

She is seeking unspecified damages for the infliction of emotional distress, public disclosure of private facts, and intrusion into solitude, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

An excerpt of the complaint reads, "When our privacy is taken, when our character is sullied by someone acting to be ourselves and when our lives are stolen from us through an internet based hijacking, the core of our very existence is stabbed at its epicenter, and the recovery can take much longer than any serious physical injury."