ALIEN star Sigourney Weaver is set for her most revealing role to date after signing on to play burlesque stripper GYPSY ROSE LEE in a new movie. GYPSY AND ME is based on the memoir MY G-STRING MOTHER: AT HOME AND BACKSTAGE WITH GYPSY ROSE LEE, written by her son ERIC LEE PREMINGER. Preminger was acting as his mother's stage manager when he was only 12 years old. Weaver will also act as executive producer on the film, along with DREAMGIRLS producer Laurence Mark. The film takes place in the late 1950s when Lee was at the tail end of her striptease career. She decided she was too old to take it all off in front of strangers and decided to reinvent herself as a best-selling author and turned her life story into a musical. Her son didn't find out until after her death that his father was Austrian film director Otto Preminger. Weaver, 57, will shoot the movie before the end of the year (07).