RAY star Kerry Washington had to use her acting skills to save her life when she came face to face with an angry gorilla in Uganda. The actress went on a gorilla safari during a day off from shooting THE LAST KING OF SCOTLAND, in which she plays African tyrant Idi Amin's wife KAY - but never imagined she'd get so close to a wild ape. Washington took special lessons before her eight-hour trip into the jungle, so she'd be prepared if a gorilla attacked her - but when she actually came face to face with one of the beasts, she relied on her acting skills and became a gorilla herself. She explains, "You're supposed to keep your distance but all of a sudden this female gorilla starts climbing down the tree and there wasn't anywhere for us to back up. "She stopped and stared at me and it was like I was back in acting school. I became a gorilla. I was chewing leaves and scratching my armpit. I was so excited to have this opportunity to do the old acting class zoo exercise. "She and I were totally into it for 10 minutes, hanging out and being gorillas."