EAGLES guitarist Joe Walsh has offered to help the Australian government hand out drink and drug advice to youngsters Down Under.
The rocker, who beat his own booze and drug demons 17 years ago, hopes to get involved as Aussie politicians set up counselling services for teens struggling with addiction.
And he insists he wants to give back to the country after deciding to quit drugs following a visit to Australia and New Zealand in 1994.
Walsh tells Melbourne's Herald Sun, "I'd love to speak to leaders and politicians in Melbourne, and around Australia, about addiction.
"Addiction is a disease and, with help, people can get back to being responsible members of the community. When I was growing up, we had time to be 15 and 16. Today, it doesn't seem like kids have time to be kids any more.
"I went to New Zealand, and spoke about it, because I wanted to keep the young people from getting into methamphetamine. I wanted to show people who were hopelessly stuck on it that there's life after addiction and it's good."