EAGLES star Joe Walsh has taken aim at a U.S. politician who shares his name over the use of a song.
The rocker's lawyer has sent a cease and desist letter to Illinois Republican Joe Walsh after learning the congressional candidate is using the more famous Walsh's song Walk Away at campaign rallies and public appearances without permission.
And, to make matters worse, the namesake has changed the lyrics to suit his political message.
In the letter, obtained by Billboard.com, Walsh's lawyer Peter Paterno suggests the other Joe should read up on his copyright law.
He writes, "(The United States Copyright Act) says a lot of things, but one of the things it says is that you can't use someone else's song for your political campaign promotion unless you get permission from the owner of the copyright in the song. As far as we can tell, you didn't do that. Maybe you got so busy with the campaign that you just forgot. But that's not OK.
"Under that same United States Copyright Act, you're not allowed to take someone's song and change the lyrics."
The lawyer adds, "Given that your name is Joe Walsh, I'd think you'd want to be extra careful about using Joe's music in case the public might think that Joe is endorsing your campaign, or, God forbid, is you."