Rocker JOE WALSH secretly hates the fact his band the EAGLES operate outside the music industry - because there are no record label executives setting them deadlines.
The guitarist insists that fact combined with modern studio technology allows band leader Don Henley to perfect every note in every song - and spend months in the studio.
Walsh admits his bandmate's perfectionist nature can be "maddening," revealing Henley wanted to spend another six months tweaking the group's most recent release, double album Long Road Out of Eden.
He tells Rolling Stone magazine, "You have to have a lot of patience. I love him (Henley) like a brother, but a really bad thing happened to the Eagles: somebody went and invented (computer recording software) Pro Tools. Digital editing.
"Now we can replace every note! And so we do! We can replace the space in between notes where there's no music. And so we do... Because we can."
And, though Walsh likes the band's independence, he feels a record company boss could save time.
He adds, "At least when we had a record company, there was always somebody saying, `You're done! We're going to put it out! You spent your advance.'"