American country musician JERRY JEFF WALKER is suing a record label which has released a tribute album to his 1973 LP VIVA TERLINGUA!. The 64-year-old filed his lawsuit against Palo Duro Records in an Austin, Texas courthouse on 1 November (06), and claims the company has infringed his copyright on new album VIVA! TERLINGUA! NUEVO!: SONGS OF LUCKENBACH TEXAS. Walker was so inspired by regular trips to Luckenbach he recorded Viva Terlingua! live in the Texan town's dancehall with the LOST GONZO BAND, but was not invited to play on the reprised version even though musicians who played on the original were. He says, "I was sort of dumbfounded by this Nuevo recording." Palo Duro founder CHRIS THOMAS says, "We have no interest in dishonouring that (original) release. If anything, this compliments (Walker's) legacy."