KILL BILL star VIVICA A. Fox refuses to go out in public with her cleavage exposed - unless she's in male company.

The curvaceous actress, who wowed fans when she arrived at August's (03) MTV VIDEO MUSIC AWARDS scantily-clad on the arm of rapper 50 CENT, opts to keep her assets under wraps unless she knows there's a man by her side who can keep admirers at bay.

She says, "I don't really show my cleavage unless I'm with a date or with security. Walking around with you chi-chis out is attracting unwanted attention.

"You don't show the goods all the time, but that was the night (at the VMAs) the goods were on display dawg!

"I had seven security guards around me so s**t didn't happen wrong. The assets were protected."

14/10/2003 09:17