ER star Goran Visnjic let it slip that his TV doctor, Luka Kovac, will wed his sweetheart on the show, during an appearance on TV last night (12Apr07). The Croatian actor was being quizzed on late-night chat show Jimmy Kimmel Live when he revealed the truth about the ongoing will-they-won't-they plot between his character and another series regular, played by Maura Tierney. Visnjic said, "We've actually done that episode and there is a wedding. It's coming up... I think I can say that. "For the first half of the episode you're not sure what's going to be happening but we end up actually getting married, it's a cute episode... Everybody knows." Visnjic, who has been an ER castmember for the past eight years plans to leave the drama after shooting a couple of episodes for the new season. But he insists he'll always have fond memories of his time on ER - because the producers gave him his big break when he was just a foreign actor struggling with his dialogue. He adds, "My English was so God damn bad that when I came on the show they gave me a dialogue coach for four years... It was really helpful for me."