SNATCH hardman Vinnie Jones has been officially charged with common assault following an alleged drunken altercation on an aircraft.

The soccer star-turned-actor was travelling from London's HEATHROW AIRPORT to Tokyo when the alleged incident took place on 1 June (03).

And Jones - who became a Hollywood name after his debut in gangster movie LOCK, STOCK AND TWO SMOKING BARRELS - will have to face two other charges relating to the alleged incident, which took place on a VIRGIN ATLANTIC aircraft.

A police spokesman states, "Vincent Peter Jones, 38, an actor, from Wiggington, Tring, was charged today with the following offences.

"Being drunk on an aircraft, using threatening abusive or insulting words, and common assault on a passenger."

Jones is now due to appear at UXBRIDGE MAGISTRATES COURT in Middlesex on 5 December (03).

28/11/2003 14:24