Asian actress LY HUONG fought back tears as she testified in her parental kidnapping case on Monday (13Dec10), insisting she fled the U.S. to her native Vietnam to escape an abusive marriage and protect her daughter.
Huong, who married New York businessman Tony Lam in 2001, is facing parental kidnapping charges for taking their four-year-old daughter to Vietnam in 2005.
The actress was arrested when she returned to the U.S. in 2008 and faces up to three years behind bars. Lam now has custody of the child.
She took the stand in Brooklyn Federal Court on Monday to protest the charges in an emotionally-charged testimony.
Speaking through an interpreter, Huong insisted she left the life of a movie star behind to move to New York with Lam, but she was forced to flee after he began physically abusing her.
She said: "I left my family and my profession to be with him. I was in love with him and would like my daughter to have a family.
"I just wanted to get a knife and cut my throat."
Lam refuted the claims, insisting his wife, an expert in Thai boxing who starred in a kung fu movie Phoenix Operation, would easily win in the event of a physical altercation.
He testified: "If I were to hit my wife, I would be the one who dies first, because she is a professional martial artist."
The case continues.