VIBE magazine president KENARD GIBBS is examining attitudes within the hip-hop industry to find out why their urban music award ceremony was disrupted earlier this month (15NOV04).

 At the show, Dr Dre was in the midst of receiving a special honour from Quincy Jones and Snoop Dogg when a man blocked the former NWA star's path and punched him in the face.

 A melee quickly followed, which led to a stabbing and rapper Young Buck's subsequent surrender to police in connection with the knife attack.

 Calling such violence "sickening," Gibbs blames the hip-hop culture's mentality.

 He says, "Violence has unfortunately been associated with hip-hop since its beginnings. That night took from the whole spirit of what the show is about: the best in urban music.

 "We still have faith in the culture. We will rise above and endure.

 "We're doing the awards show next year. If we don't, it will be counter to all the things we have been able to do with the brand and the culture."

 VIBE's January issue will examine not only the awards-night incident but attitudes within hip-hop culture that may bear some responsibility.

29/11/2004  02:42