Venezuela, Estonia and Croatia are hoping to win first-time Oscar nominations after submitting official films for the Academy's consideration.

Film bosses in the countries joined peers in Sweden, Finland, Mexico and Serbia by offering up their best movies for the Best Foreign Film category at the 2015 Oscars this week (beg08Sep14).

Venezuela officials chose historical drama El Libertador - the most expensive film made in the nation - while the Croatians surprised Oscars bosses by overlooking award-winning films Number 55 and The Bridge at the End of the World in favour of comedy Cowboys, which won the Audience Award at the country's recent Pula Film Festival. The Estonians have offered up another festival favourite, war movie Tangerines.

Croatia and Estonia have never been nominated in the 22 years the two nations have been submitting films for the Oscars.

So far, 14 countries have submitted official movies for Academy Awards consideration, with critics picking Turkey's Winter Sleep as the early frontrunner over films from Germany, Ukraine, Austria, Japan and Taiwan.

Meanwhile, Mauritania has made history by submitting its first film, Timbuktu, which premiered to rave reviews at the Cannes Film Festival and picked up the event's Ecumenial Jury award and Francois Chalais Prize. The movie went on to win the In Spirit for Freedom Award at the Jerusalem Film Festival.

The latest film submitted for consideration is Mexico's Cantinflas biopic, which was released in America late last month (Aug14), ahead of its debut in Mexico on 16 September (14).

The Sebastian del Amo movie features Oscar Jaenada as iconic comedian and actor Mario Moreno, aka Cantinflas.

The Academy Awards nominations will be announced on 15 January (15).