Rocker Varg Vikernes plans to launch legal action against French police following his arrest over an alleged massacre plot, and he is asking fans to help fund his fight.

The Burzum frontman and his wife Maria Cachet were held by cops in July (13) at his home in Salon-La-Tour in central France over allegations of planning a shooting spree, but they were both later released without charge.

Now Vikernes has announced he is planning to sue for wrongful arrest and is asking his fans to donate to the proposed lawsuit.

In a post on his blog, the controversial Norwegian rocker writes, "We want to sue the authorities for arresting us for no good reason whatsoever, doing so in the most brutal way possible and with children present, and also for without any reason taking away our right to own or even possess weapons. I ask you all to help us speak up for our rights and freedom, and for the rights and freedom of all others too. Before it is too late."

Vikernes was arrested after his wife legally bought four rifles, sparking fears the pair was planning to carry out a terrorist attack similar to that of Norwegian mass killer Anders Behring Breivik, who killed 77 people in 2011.