Rocker Varg Vikernes has been arrested in France on suspicion of plotting a massacre.

The Burzum hitmaker was taken into custody on Tuesday (16Jul13) by Central Directorate of Internal Intelligence officers at his family farm in Salon-la-Tour.

His property is being searched for weapons following reports Norwegian mass killer Anders Behring Breivik - whose 2011 bomb attack in Oslo and shooting rampage on the island of Utoya left 77 dead - sent a book on his ideologies to the black metal star before carrying out his plans.

A police spokesperson says, "That was at the origin of the investigation... There were several suspicions that made the services fear he could possibly carry out a violent act."

The arrest is the latest in a long line of legal problems for Vikernes - he walked free from prison in 2009 after spending 16 years behind bars for the murder of Mayhem guitarist Oystein Aarseth, and since then he has been convicted of three counts of arson.