Vanessa Lachey has ''no secrets'' from her husband.

The 'Dads' actress says total honesty is the key to her happy marriage with 98 Degrees singer Nick Lachey, who she married in 2011, and Vanessa has never been happier in a relationship.

She told Us Weekly: ''I feel comfortable and completely myself when I'm around him. I have no secrets and no skeletons in my closet from my husband and I love that ... I love the woman I've become with him.''

Vanessa, 32, and Nick, 39, welcomed their first son, Camden, in September 2012 and the busy mother is currently planning Nick's 40th and Camden's first birthdays.

She said: ''It's so funny, the same time I'm planning my husband's 40th birthday, I'm planning my son's first birthday! So I've been in planning mode for the past month! I am planning a party for my big guy AND my little guy!''

Meanwhile, Vanessa was thrilled to land a role on new sitcom 'Dads' because the schedule fits perfectly with caring for Cameron.

She explained: ''It's actually a great balance because multi-cam television is the best job schedule, it's kind of like a 9 to 5. I can wake up in the morning with him at 7:30, I can give him his bottle and breakfast, put down and go to work - and I'll still be home to bathe him, sing to him, and put him down at night. That's the best. I play a mom and I am one in real life!''