Former MPAA chief Jack Valenti, who has long held that the entertainment industry should be free to determine standards for decency, expressed indignation Wednesday over the refusal of an FCC official to discuss the agency's recent crackdown on sex and language content. TVWeek magazine reported on its website that when Valenti, at an event sponsored by the libertarian Cato Institute, began questioning the FCC official, Leslie Marx, about the matter, Marx replied, "Being the chief economist at the FCC, I'm not going to be able to give you the detailed response." Instead, she presented an impassioned argument for à la carte program packaging. Valenti commented after her reply that her remarks had little to do with his question, adding that it reminded him of the coaching that President Lyndon Johnson received from his advisers on how to duck questions when he served the president as special assistant. "That's what Dr. Marx did: Answer a question that wasn't asked," Valenti said.