Utah entrepreneur Larry Miller became agitated Monday when a radio reporter approached him and asked why he had decided to cancel Brokeback Mountain at the theater he owns in the Salt Lake City suburb of Sandy. Prior to the annual NAACP Martin Luther King luncheon in Salt Lake City, where he was due to speak, Miller reportedly grabbed the microphone away from the reporter and remarked, "I said everything I had to say when I pulled the movie, okay? Anything else you want to know?" Separately, he told the Deseret News, "I see the attention I'm getting is a lot more positive than negative." Among the positive attention was a commentary on Sunday's NBC Dateline by correspondent Josh Mankiewicz, who hosts a new feature called "The Mank Blog." Mankiewicz observed that Miller has the right to show any film he wants in his theaters. The film's distributor, Focus Films, has countered that the theater had already agreed to show the film and that it was pulled at the last moment, resulting in many moviegoers who wanted to see it being turned away from the theater.