Uruguayan artist, screenwriter and musician Carlos Paez Vilaro has died at the age of 90.

He passed away on Monday (24Feb14) at the Casapueblo, a living sculpture he created near the city of Punta del Este to house his workshop and museum. Part of the sprawling estate was later turned into a hotel.

Paez Vilaro began drawing as a teen and immersed himself in Afro-Uruguayan culture, an interest which would inspire the majority of his works throughout his lengthy career.

The prolific artist, who was friends with Pablo Picasso, was known for his colourful murals in countries like Argentina, Brazil, Chile, America and Uruguay.

He was also a popular musician, championing the African Candombe style of music and dance with his carnival group Llamadas, and he added screenwriter to his resume after helping to pen the African dance documentary Batouk, which closed the 1967 Cannes Film Festival in France.