Disgraced DJ STAR is eyeing a career on television after being sacked from his radio job for on-air racial and sexual slurs. The DJ - real name TROI TORAIN - was dismissed by New York City radio station Power 105.1 in May (06) after a rant about rival DJ ENVY's wife and four-year-old daughter. Now he's considering a TV career after police charges were dropped on the condition he perform three days of community service and stay out of trouble for six months. He tells the New York Daily News, "I'm trying to go mainstream. I don't have to be rough, rugged and raw. "I'm trying to get on TV. I'm looking to move forward. I would like people to know there's more to Star than being on a rap radio station." The broadcasting star has so far refused to apologise for his radio attack, saying, "So what you're offended. Get over it. We're all offended by something. I'm offended every day by people who wave the flag of JESUS. "I'm not going to grovel to soothe the current climate of pressure groups. "I didn't just one day decide to go after someone's Asian kid. I've made jokes about Italians, blacks, Jews. That's what I do. I sit and tell racial jokes. "If we're at a point where we can't make ethnic jokes, then game over. If we can't joke about ourselves and each other, then it's a new day, and my day is gone."