The former UFC Heavyweight Champion passed away on Thursday (11Feb16) from heart failure after he was hospitalised with pneumonia.

Ohio native Randleman, who was nicknamed The Monster, was one of the stars of the ultimate fighting and mixed martial arts movement when it debuted in the late 1990s. He also became a star in Japan, where he headlined PRIDE Fighting Championship events.

Last week (08Feb16), he attended the Fighters Only World Mixed Martial Arts Awards in Las Vegas, just before he fell ill.

A statement from his family reads: "With saddened hearts, the Randleman family confirms the passing of Kevin 'The Monster' Randleman. Behind the name, was a gentle soul and loyal friend whom will be missed by many who loved him beyond the cage.

"While traveling on business, Kevin became ill un-expectedly (and) passed due to complications from pneumonia. Kevin leaves behind a wife, Elizabeth, and four extraordinary children to share his legacy with the world who mourns (sic) his passing. Life without 'The Monster' will never be the same."