Dozens of Ub40 fans walked out of the reggae band's gig in Cambridge, England on Monday (14Apr14) complaining the music was so loud it made the performance unbearable.

The Red Red Wine hitmakers played a gig at the Corn Exchange venue but as many as 30 fans reportedly walked out of the concert because the music was so loud it was "altering heart rhythms".

Concert-goer Anna Webster claims she left before the end of the first song, telling the Bbc, "It was just horrendously loud - the bass was vibrating even in the foyer. There were so many people walking out because they couldn't deal with it. It was vibrating through your whole body - it was actually altering heart rhythms."

Webster also claimed her ear, which already had a perforated ear drum, began to bleed while other fans complained of chest pains and headaches, and branded the concert a "waste of money".

A spokesman for the band has apologised to the angry fans, and says Webster has been offered tickets to another show.