U2's rock classic ONE has been named the greatest song ever recorded in a new poll.

Even though the song had only a brief spell in the charts, the writers and musicians who compiled Britain's Q magazine's 1001 Best Songs Ever list placed it above high-ranking efforts by Elvis Presley and THE Beatles.

Of the eight songs by the band to make it into the list, only One hit the top 100.

The track was recorded towards the end of 1990, as the band tried to reinvent themselves with the ACHTUNG BABY album.

U2 guitarist THE EDGE says, "When we named it, I always knew it would be number one at something."

Runner-up was Aretha Franklin's I SAY A LITTLE PRAYER, with Nirvana's SMELLS LIKE TEEN SPIRIT third and The Beatles' DAY IN A LIFE taking fourth place.

18/11/2003 21:10