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I hope that u2 will still be u2 and that this will not be the beginning of a brake up. However I don't agree that after the Joshua Tree there was no good album from u2. I think that the joshua tree was good, but a bit overrated if you compare it to the latern (POP!!!) work of the band. ACHTUNG Y'ALL!!!!

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I am certianly hoping U2 doesn't say goodbye after the Vertigo Tour. I believe they will do another tour , later on ,after they have a few years rest. They have played hard, with the Global Tour and Bono is most likely exhausted also, with all the causes and endevours he believes in and fights for. The Vertigo concert I went to was so fantastic, and I am looking forward to seeing them again someday. I can't emagine them saying goodbye. 'U2 always forever now'

Posted 11 years 9 months ago by u2fran

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One can only hope these overrated oafs can put more into their albums in the future.Each overrated album now has about 1 and a half good songs.When Bono stops showing us all he cares so much,and lets the elected statesmen of the world do their jobs,instead of interfering in matters,he can then devote time to writing relevent material again.You would think the five years between albums would be enough time to do this but no.The Beatles used to come off the road and write and record a classic album in 1 month.The hype surrounding U2 should be earned,lets face it,their last great album,The joshua tree, was 18 years ago,since then its been more miss than hit.

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I wouldn't bet on a statement taken out of context.. U2 are here for the duration, though they may need to rest awhile now and then.....

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Much as I over-the-top love this band, I would miss their concerts but I'm sure they would not be gone from the public, us fans, view for long. So many other venues to approach us in; they are clever on so many fronts, not just as the band U2.But let's wait until the next album. I'm not donning the sackcloth and ashes yet. They've worn themselves out giving us more than their very best for the better part of a year now, and months ahead in sight as well - once they've gone off to rest and, yes, reinvent themselves again, as they always claim to do, these "adrenaline junkies" (tongue in cheek) may not be able to live without the Saturday night/Sunday morning experiences they gift us with as much as we won't be able to live without them. Bono's a statesman - he's a professional speaker now. I'd almost rather see him at a podium than on the ramp. Or just as well as. We share the same passion for africa and eradication of extreme stupid poverty. The others? Atomic Bomb has no indication of it being the sunset of their careers as well. I'm confident they will not padlock their studio door. . . . .Just my muse. . . . .mark my words!Sammi Fredenburg

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