Tyler, The Creator has been one of the more divisive new characters to emerge in the music world recently, the 20 year-old rapper and his troupe ODD FUTURE Wolf Gang Kill Them All turning heads with their brusque language and controversial subject matter. However whilst fellow member Frank Ocean has gone on to receive plaudits for his solo endeavours to go with the positive critical response Earl Sweatshirt got for his album last year, Tyler hasn't really got beyond the controversial image, with his own solo LP 'Goblin' - his second - released this year to a mixed response.

It's unlikely then that the events of this week will have done much to change the detractors views on the artist, after TMZ posted footage following a show at the world famous Roxy venue in Los Angeles, Tyler - who'd been performing as part of OFWGKTA - confronted the venue's sound man and went on to reportedly trash an electronic soundboard. The MC was subsequently arrested by police on a charge of vandalism in front of a crowd which included the star's own mother, who was visibly upset by the whole experience.

It didn't end there however, several of the audience were unhappy at the Police's actions, with a quote from the authorities stating "As [Tyler] was being escorted to a nearby radio car, the crowd exiting the venue became angry and rushed into the street, towards deputies." A darkly apt end to what's been a contentious year for The Creator.