Two Door Cinema Club's songs were given a different perspective by recording in California.

The 'Sleep Alone' band - who hail from Northern Ireland - recorded second album 'Beacon' in the US, which provided a very different environment to where they initially wrote the songs, giving them a sunnier outlook.

Guitarist Sam Halliday told RedBulletin magazine: ''We wrote most of the songs in the cold and rainy winter months in Glasgow, Scotland. Recording them in California made us much happier.

''Plus, I really enjoyed the food. You just feel bad if you're not eating healthy in Los Angeles.''

The group's singer and guitarist, Alex Trimble, was also included in the Olympic Games opening ceremony by director Danny Boyle, who personally requested him over other stars as he is a fan of his vocals.

Sam explained: ''People were suggesting these famous names to Danny, but he wanted Alex because he likes his voice. So he got in touch and, of course, Alex said yes.''

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