British Tv detective Gwilym Lee feared for his life last month (Jan14) when he arrived home and found burglars in his house.

The actor, who plays a police officer in British crime show Midsomer Murders, discovered the front door of his London property had been tampered with and realised the thieves were still inside.

Lee, 30, decided against confronting the gang over fears they would attack him, so he stayed outside the house while he waited for the emergency services to arrive.

He says, "I got home at 6.30pm and saw the front door had been tampered with. Then I saw the light go on and I realised there was someone in the house. It was nerve-wracking. I left them to it, as I thought if they had tools to break in they probably wouldn't think twice about clobbering me over the head. I rang the police who arrived three minutes after the burglars left with my computer. They made a mess but didn't take much. It could have been worse."

He adds of the incident, which took place on 13 January (14), "I thought better of bursting in saying I was Ds (detective superintendent) Nelson from Midsomer (Murders). I didn't think I'd be convincing enough, you can replace possessions but not my skull."

The gang made off with items including the star's laptop computer and wristwatch.