Tulisa says her life will begin when she becomes a mother.

The 'Young' singer - who is currently dating Newcastle United soccer player Danny Simpson - can't wait to have children and once she does, she will give up her showbiz career.

She said: ''I believe my life will begin when I settle down and have kids. I will literally wake up one day and say that I don't want to be in entertainment anymore and you won't see me again. I've already bought my dream house in the country. I can't wait!''

Tulisa - who is known as 'The Female Boss' - also says she's a lot softer in real life than her tough public image, especially when she's in love.

She told the Daily Mirror newspaper: ''Am I still the boss? Even more so now as I've got to stand my ground and be even stronger. The only time I'm not like that is when I'm in love. then I show a lot more of my softer side. That's my private side. It's very different and people would be surprised about it.''