Tulisa's boyfriend was knocked unconscious in a fight.

The singer's beau, Newcastle United soccer player Danny Simpson, got involved in a brawl with an unknown man in a takeaway eatery in the hours of Sunday morning (03.02.13) in Manchester, Northern England.

According to witnesses, the 26-year-old sportsman got into an argument with the man in his late 40s or early 50s and hit him, knocking him to the ground, but as he tried to leave the Rice Flamebar and Grill in a taxi, Danny was pulled out of the vehicle by another man - believed to be a security guard - and was punched.

Danny was left bleeding from the mouth and was said to be unconscious for around 15 minutes until an ambulance arrived and paramedics arrived and took him to the Manchester Royal Infirmary hospital.

An eye witness told The Sun newspaper: ''He (Danny) was definitely drunk. Then him and this guy started getting aggressive with each other. They started scuffling. The man was pushing and shoving Danny and he just lost it. He punched him and he dropped to the ground. Someone pulled him off the man.''

Another onlooker revealed: ''Danny got in a taxi outside but the two bouncers rushed over and opened the door.

''There was a girl there trying to calm the situation and telling the taxi to take Danny home - but one of the bouncers dragged him out then punched him in the face.

''He dropped to the floor and was half on the pavement, half on the road with blood pouring from his mouth. He was in a bad way. It looked like he'd been knocked out. Everyone crowded round him. He was still breathing but not responsive.''

Danny had earlier been partying at the Circle Club with Manchester United players Tom Cleverley and Danny Welbeck, before leaving the exclusive nightspot at 4am.

Tulisa - who has been dating the soccer star since November - is currently on holiday in Marbella, Spain, and was ''shocked'' and concerned when she was told Danny had been beaten up.

A friend of 'The X Factor' judge said: ''Tulisa was shocked and upset when she heard what happened. She was worried that Danny might have been badly hurt but she's been reassured he'll be fine.''

An ambulance spokesman has confirmed a man was taken to Manchester Royal Infirmary.