NBC's Sunday Night Football telecast of a game played on Tuesday night was the highest-rated program of last week, according to Nielsen Research. The Minnesota Vikings/ Philadelphia Eagles game that had been delayed because of blizzard weather conditions in Philadelphia on Sunday, attracted 23.7 million viewers. The actual Sunday Night Football telecast -- that is, the one played the following Sunday between the St. Louis Rams and the Seattle Seahawks, placed second on the Nielsen list with 19.4 million viewers. Indeed, only four non-NFL-related shows landed in the top ten CBS's 60 Minutes at No. 5 with 12.8 million viewers; ABC's Desperate Housewives at No. 6 with 12.2 million, CBS's Undercover Boss at No. 7 with 11.9 million; and CBS's CSI Miami in ninth place with 10.9 million.

The top ten shows of the week according to Nielsen Research 1. NFL Football (Tuesday), NBC, 13.8/23; 2. Sunday Night Football, NBC, 11.3/18; 3. Tuesday NFL Pre-Kickoff, NBC, 8.7/ 15; 3. Sunday Pre-Kickoff, NBC, 8.7/14; 5. 60 Minutes , CBS, 8/13; 6. Desperate Housewives , ABC, 7.5/12; 7. The O.T. , Fox, 6.9/11; 7. Undercover Boss , CBS, 6.9/11; 9. CSI Miami, CBS, 6.7/10; 9. Football Night In America Pt 3, NBC, 6.7/11.