LATEST: US reality TV star JASON WAHLER has been sentenced to a 60-day prison spell after pleading no contest to a battery charge in Los Angeles. The LAGUNA BEACH hunk, 20, and model KRISTIN DeLUCA were arrested in September (06) following a verbal altercation with towing officials who were attempting to move an illegally parked car. Wahler punched one of the tow-truck drivers, while DeLuca kicked the tow operator and spat at him, according to a filed police report. The drivers restrained the reality star and called police, who later discovered Wahler's blood alcohol level was over twice the legal limit. In court yesterday (06MAR07), Wahler pleaded no contest to one count of battery. As well as serving time, the 20 year old was also ordered to attend Alcoholics Anonymous meetings and anger management classes. Meanwhile, DeLuca also pleaded no contest to one count of battery and was sentenced to 24 months of probation and 15 days of community service. Both Wahler and DeLuca have also been ordered to participate in a one-day lecture at Los Angeles' Museum of Tolerance as penance for the racial slurs they hurled at the tow-truck operators during the assault, according to It's a bad week for Wahler, who was also arrested on Saturday (03MAR07) when he reportedly "resisted a public officer" during a raid on underage drinkers in a North Carolina nightclub.