Travis Wall ''cried'' when he found out Mandy Moore had been nominated for an Emmy award.

The 29-year-old professional dancer has admitted he ''always'' hopes the 33-year-old actress has made it on the shortlist for an award at the 69th Primetime Emmy Awards, and when he found out she is up for two nominations at the annual bash, which will take place at the Microsoft Theatre in Los Angeles on September 17, he was over the moon and called the star in floods of tears.

Speaking to ET Online, he said: ''I'm just so thrilled for Mandy. Every year, when the nominations come out and I look at that list and I go, 'This is great, but where's Mandy? Why is she not on this list?' I've known Mandy for the longest time. We used to take class, we used to dance together, and I mean - I look up to her, I think she's the best in the game, when it comes to working with dance on film and dance in commercials. I mean, 'La La Land', c'mon! So when I saw that she had two nominations, I literally cried for her! I called her and left her this voicemail.''

Although the brunette beauty - who stars in 'this Is Us', which is in the running to nab the title of Outstanding Drama Series next month - missed the call she swiftly messaged Travis back crying because she was touched by his support.

He explained: ''She texted me back and was like, 'I'm crying listening to your voicemail. Thank you so much!' So it's really nice to have this camaraderie in this world, especially as a dancer. I mean, sometimes it gets a little cutthroat and that's why the ones that hopefully stick around are the ones that are not bringing the negative energy to it.''

The 'So You Think You Can Dance' choreographer strongly believes it is ''Mandy Moore's year'' to bag the gong for Outstanding Choreography on the dance show and 'Dancing With the Stars', and though he would be ''ecstatic'' if he was to go home with a trophy he would only use the award as ''bookends''.

He explained: ''Listen, I would be so ecstatic if I won this year, but this is Mandy Moore's year. Let's just be honest here. She has to. I mean Derek's won before, I've won before, I don't know if he's won before, but she has two nominations. If there's a tie, fantastic, but because I'm so in awe of what she does, I'm such a fan, I really hope she takes home a trophy. And if there's more to go around, fantastic, beautiful, love it, but I just really think she deserves it.

''I will make room for a second one! I'll put some books in between them and they can be bookends.''