In just three weeks, Transformers Revenge of the Fallen has become the biggest hit ever in China, earning over $59 million and far surpassing the previous record of $43 million set by Titanic in 1998, China Film Group told the Associated Press in Hong Kong today (Friday). Ordinarily, Hollywood films are widely available on bootleg DVDs before they ever hit the theater screens in China, but Transformers was released in China at the same time that it was released in the U.S., undercutting pirate sales. In an interview with the A.P., Mike Ellis, Asia-Pacific managing director of the MPAA, said. "This is a tremendous achievement for the market in China and clearly shows that there is a strong growing demand for international films." The MPAA has been working to persuade China to allow additional foreign films to be screened in the country. Currently, only 20 per year are permitted.