Tracy Anderson advised Kim Kardashian not to feel pressure about losing her baby weight.

The A-list personal trainer - whose clients include Jennifer Lopez and Gwyneth Paltrow - worked closely with the 'Keeping up with the Kardashians' star after she gave birth to her daughter North in July, and helped her focus on staying healthy rather than rushing to shed her pregnancy pounds.

Tracy exclusively told BANG Showbiz: ''The only thing that I did for Kim is I told her to really relax and not feel pressure as much as she can from the media or the people that might be scrutinising her body, and just to enjoy being a new mum and the baby and everything.

''I didn't feel that it needs to be a race after pregnancy. You need to reconnect to your body. She's a first time mom and I think it's really unfortunate the amount of hyper focus that seems to be on her, I don't really understand it, I don't like to get involved in that.''

The star was stunned by the media's reaction to Kim's body shape because she looked so gorgeous during her pregnancy.

Tracy added: ''People were so cruel to her during her pregnancy and if you saw her in person, she was such a beautiful pregnant woman. She didn't look out of proportion or heavy or anything like that. The way that they criticised her in the media was so off-putting to me.''

The celebrity trainer also cited Victoria Beckham as the perfect example of someone who has worked at the right pace for her body type after pregnancy.

She explained: ''Victoria Beckham is a wonderful example for mums. After four babies, most genetically slender women feel they lose that connection because they don't know how to keep it in a proper way.

''She doesn't want to create more imbalance in her body by doing more workouts that cause her to bulk up. My work keeps you in your most proportioned self.''

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