'The Only Way is Essex' star Danielle Armstrong admits Kim Kardashian is her fashion icon.

The 26-year-old reality TV star believes she has a similar body shape to the 33-year-old beauty, so she tends to base her outfits on what Kim has worn in the past.

Speaking to the Daily Mail newspaper, she said: ''I think it's really important to style yourself on someone that has a similar body shape. I have curves, bum and booty so I always admire Kim Kardashian. She knows exactly how to dress for her figure and never gets its wrong.

''I have also always loved Victoria Beckham! She can pull anything off and always looks fantastic.''

Meanwhile, the blonde stunner is launching her own boutique next month and hopes one day she will have her own chain of shops across the country.

She explained: ''I am also launching a boutique in my hometown Essex, which opens the end of July. In five years time I'd love to be settled, maybe married.

''I hope my boutique is a huge success and could eventually be a chain of shops, that would be exciting.

''Fashion has always been my main passion so I would hope to use my skills in the industry, maybe even fashion presenting.''