A sketch of a bloody and snarling DANI 'FILTH' DAVEY was voted the most iconic picture of his native Suffolk, England - but has been turned down as the area's official image by the poll's organisers.
Tourism bosses at Choose Suffolk aimed to boost visitors to the region by creating an online survey asking locals to decide on the image they most associate with the coastal area.
One of the images included, alongside snaps of beaches, a racecourse and a harbour, was a drawing of Cradle of Filth frontman Davey, who can be seen with blood dripping from his mouth and hands in the shocking sketch.
A staggering 13,025 voted to make the snap the official image of the county, garnering it six times more than the next most popular picture, according to Britain's The Sun.
But the publication reports that tourism officials decided against using the painting, and opted for a seaside image instead.
However Davey is still pleased with the interest, telling the newspaper, "It's a compliment."