As the weather gets colder and the evenings get darker, we all want a hairstyle to match and one of the top tips for this season is warm brown colours.

Different tones and techniques can be used depending on your natural colour but the overall effect will be fresh and shiny looking locks which will leave your tresses with a healthy glow as well as being bang on trend.

Karine Jackson - who owns the prestigious Karine Jackson salon in London's West End - told BANG Showbiz: "This autumn is going to be all about warm chocolatey colours, tobacco, caramel, toffee etc. Caramel highlights are perfect for light brown or dark blonde hair and the ideal foil for this autumn's velvety earth tones. Creamy blondes are going to be mixed with deeper caramels to get a really glossy, stylish feel to The Hair. Using Organic Colour Systems' Silver Shampoo will keep the highlights creamy and stop them going brassy."

Errol Douglas agrees, saying: "Autumn is all about replacing the heat and aridity of summer with some moisture and gloss - think shiny chestnuts, crisp mornings and the lovely glow of your new winter boots!"

Errol - owner of the upmarket Errol Douglas salon in Knightsbridge, London - also gave tips on cuts which are going to be popular over the coming months.

He said: "Cuts this autumn are going to be very angular and very straight. All the recent texture is going to disappear, and cuts are going to be very symmetrical and very taken in to the nape of the neck. Longer hair will have lots of internal, short layers. Long hair styles around this Autumn need healthy looking hair with a real shine, so this season's must-have ingredient is Moroccan Oil which is a fabulous treatment for boosting shine in summer stressed hair."

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