Stars with the same first and last initials are twice as likely to find success in Hollywood because the spirits of dead celebrities are drawn to "balanced names".
The spooky revelation comes from legendary Tinseltown psychic Kenny Kingston, who insists the likes of Lindsay Lohan, Sharon Stone, Susan Sarandon and Laura Linney partly owe their big screen success to their initials.
Kingston, who also shares the lucky double initial, explains, "The spirit world is attracted to people with the same first and last initial. "Somehow people who have an S.S. or an L.L. are clearer from beyond.
"As a result, they are always going to have spirits on their side.
"These stars will rise to the top quicker than their counterparts and bounce back after falls. They just have a little more luck about them."
Kingston is so convinced his spirited friends are telling the truth he advises all wannabes who come to him for advice to change their names - so their initials match.
And when former client Marilyn Monroe came to him for guidance as to what to change her name to after growing sick of her M.M. initials, he advised her against it.
Kingston recalls, "She really wanted to change her name and told me she was sick of hearing crowds scream 'Marilyn Monroe, Marilyn Monroe'. She wanted guidance from the spirit world, as she did on many things. I refused to help because I knew they wouldn't.
"She got very angry and threw something at me, so I left. She later called to apologise.
"Ironically, I still speak to Marilyn and, like all spirits, she is drawn to celebrities with matching initials."