Outspoken forensic pathologist DR. CYRIL WECHT has called for the doctor who allowed Michael Jackson to self-medicate with powerful anaesthesia drugs to be tried for manslaughter.
Propofol and Diprivan were reportedly found in Jackson's bedroom during a police sweep of his rented Los Angeles home following his death last month (Jun09) - and Wecht, who consulted in the investigation of Anna Nicole Smith and her son Daniel's deaths, insists the drugs should never have been found outside a hospital.
And, while the world awaits the results of toxicology tests, which will determine exactly what killed Jackson on 25 June (09), the doctor insists police in Los Angeles should get ready to arrest the medic who gave the King of Pop access to killer drugs that potentially killed him.
Dr. Wecht says, "They're drugs to be administered by an anaesthesiologist or a trained anaesthetist; it is to be given only in a hospital setting... also it must be given under highly aseptic technique because it is susceptible to bacterial contamination.
"For all of these reasons, if any doctor prescribed Propofol for Michael Jackson to take at home himself... in my opinion, that is gross wanton negligence and really approaches a question, legally, of manslaughter."