Tom Walker has bought a ticket for Glastonbury ''just in case'' he isn't asked to perform at this year's festival.

The 27-year-old singer performed at the world-famous music festival in 2017, and he's already purchased his ticket for this year's event - even though he may be taking to the stage himself.

Tom explained: ''I've bought a ticket this year, just in case [I'm not performing] ... seriously!

''I bought the ticket [in 2017] thinking I was just going to go as a punter and I ended up doing two gigs - I did one on the Friday at the Rabbit Hole and one on the Sunday for the BBC.

''And it was like ... I came on the telly just after the Foo Fighters had done their headline set. It was just me, so yeah, it was amazing.

''So, just in case they don't ask me this year, I've bought a ticket again.''

Although Tom seems likely to perform at this year's festival, he wasn't willing to run the risk of missing out on Glastonbury altogether.

He told ITV's 'Good Morning Britain': ''I just wasn't taking any chances. It's my favourite festival, so I'm not taking any chances.''

And if he is asked to perform at the festival, the 'Leave a Light On' hitmaker is confident that there will be plenty of people queuing up for his ticket.

He said: ''There's a thousand waiting lists for that ticket, believe me.''