Tom Grennan is set to return to his former football club Luton Town for a training session.

The 23-year-old singer/songwriter previously played for Championship team Aston Villa, as well as Stevenage, Northampton and Luton, and the latter League One team are giving him the chance to go back to his roots and trade his microphone for Astro Turfs.

During an appearance on 'Red Stripe Presents: This Feeling TV', host Gordon Smart said: ''Since Peter Crouch, you are the first person on the show who could play international football, with a CV including the likes of Aston Villa, Stevenage, Northampton and Luton Town. Do you think you can still do the job if you were called upon?''

To which the 'Sober' singer replied: ''I don't know about the whole ninety minutes, but I could be an impact player!''

The 'This Feeling TV' producers got in contact with Luton Town to ask for a full report from one of the musician's former coaches, and he clearly impressed them back in the day.

Gordon said: ''Ha! The rock n' roll lifestyle has damaged your fitness. I've got something to tell you. We [the producers of Red Stripe Presents: This Feeling TV] got in touch with your old teams and asked to speak to your former coaches to try and get a bit of a coach's report to see how good you were. And it turns out Luton Town, a former club yours, want to have another look at you. They want you to go down and train with the first team. So much so, Mr Grennan, that we've got something for you [Gordon hands Tom a Luton Town FC shirt], here you are. Grennan number 1, looks like you're in nets! Check that out.''

Tom then asked what would be required of him.

He reacted: ''Wha-hey! That's ledge! What would I do if I get called up by the way?''

Amid a busy festival season - which sees Tom play RiZE and Reading and Leeds Festivals next month, Tom is pencilled in for a training day at Luton Town.

A spokesperson from Luton Town FC said: ''Luton Town manager Nathan Jones would like to invite Tom to a training session at The Brache. Following a conversation with the producers of 'Red Stripe Presents: This Feeling TV', who shared Tom's respectable footballing CV and wish for one last chance at making it professional, we are more than happy for Tom to show if he's still got it on a football pitch.''

Referencing his hit songs, they continued: ''Provided he remains Sober and avoids Lighting Matches in the dressing room, then the manager may have Found What We've Been Looking For - after all, Tom's hit became one of the background tracks to our promotion videos a couple of months ago! Either way, it'll be interesting to find out whether he can still play the right tune with the ball at his feet as well as he can with a guitar in his hands. See you soon, Tom!''

The latest episode of 'Red Stripe Presents: This Feeling TV is available to watch on YouTube now: