Todd McFarlane has been casting negotiations for his upcoming 'Spawn' movie.

The 56-year-old comic book creator is best known for his work on Marvel's 'The Amazing Spider-Man' and the horror-fantasy series based around the antihero 'Spawn', and now he posted an image on Instagram revealing he bumped into Mark Dippe - who helmed the original 1997 movie based around his comic book character - while he was in Hollywood holding casting talks.

McFarlane wrote: ''WHAT..!? I was in Hollywood all day Friday talking casting roles to various actors about different character roles for the #Spawn movie.

''SOOO...of course when I am on my plane going back home the person who gets on last and sits next to me (literally) is the guy who directed the first Spawn movie (Mark Dippe)!?!?

''Had not seen him in years. Weird. TODD (sic)''

The character was first created by McFarlane back in 1992 in 'Spawn #1' and was published by Image Comics.

The story follows Albert Francis Simmons who was murdered by his friend and his soul was sent to hell after he had knowingly killed innocents while working for the CIA.

Simmons makes a deal with an evil being known as Malebolgia and in exchange for his soul, he would get to see his wife Wanda again.

However, after agreeing and returning to the human world five years later, he had been transformed into a demonic creature and after regaining his past memories, he searched for his wife to find she had married his best friend Terry Fitzgerald and have a daughter together.

Spawn then goes on a series of fights with angels and other demonic creatures.

The character was adapted into a feature film back in 1997 with Michael Jai White portraying the character. HBO then adapted the comic book into an animated series which ran from 1997 to 1999.

Spawn also appears in a numerous cross-over story-lines in other comic books most notably with Batman.