TITANIC director James Cameron has joined forces with the world's largest casino operator in a bid to create a high-tech theme park at a new casino and mega-resort in Singapore. The Hollywood director is executive producer of the project, along with Harrah's Entertainment Inc., to create a high-tech venture called "iPort". Cameron will contribute rights and oversight to develop interactive rides based on his hit movies. He explains, "We've been discussing already an ALIENS attraction and there's a discussion of a Titanic attraction, what I call the "Titanic restaurant-slash-near-death-experience." In the plans, the Titanic's first-class dining room would be re-created in one iPort area; following a dinner, visitors could then move on to a mock-up of the ship's boiler room and see a re-creation of the doomed ship's collision with the iceberg via a fire-and-ice filled show. Cameron said other attractions would be based on anime characters, video-games or even Bollywood films. The bid is part of a development project to enhance the Marina Bay site. The winning bid will be announced later this year (06), and if accepted, the theme park opening would be scheduled for 2010.